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Protecting a world that fears and hates them, the X-Men fight to prove equality between human and mutantkind.

In the X-Men universe, humankind is undergoing a dramatic evolutionary cycle where one out of every million people develops superpowers during puberty. Because the process is so poorly understood and because the rest of the population is afraid of the powers, the public persecutes mutants and the government enacts increasingly draconian laws against them. Different factions of mutants react in different ways to their treatment and there are more than a few who fight back violently against their oppression. This can brand more ruthless mutant freedom fighters as terrorists.

In the middle of this chaos is Professor Charles Xavier. The world’s most powerful telepath, he founded the Xavier Institute for Gifted Children. Mutant children are taught to control their powers and taught how to be ambassadors in the human world. The most skilled become X-Men, a team of superhuman defenders. Among their number are the weather goddess Storm, the wise blue monster Beast, the cursed southern belle Rogue, the iron titan Colossus, and the brawling immortal Wolverine. They protect both mutant and humankind from some dangerous threats, including the government-built Sentinel, the shapeshifting superspy Mystique, and their most dangerous opponent and Xavier’s dearest friend Magneto.

The X-Men are a fantastic superhero story and you can share their adventures with all the fun stuff we have here at Toon.Style!

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