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The Legend of Korra

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A generation after Avatar Aang restored peace to the world and stopped the war with the fire nation, a new Avatar arises to a very different world The industrial revolution has begun, with factories towering over streets where automobiles race along modern streets. The air nation has begun rebuilding itself in high windswept temples atop towering mountains. Benders of all types flock to the cities to make their fortune, including those who participate in the new combat sport of pro-bending. And, in the shadows, the unrest of the city’s non-bending citizens ferment into an Equalist movement that seeks to strip benders of their abilities. Lead by the masked terrorist Amon, they conduct a reign of terror that threatens the entire fabric of society.

Into this mess, a new type of Avatar is born. Where Aang was wise and patient and childlike, Korra – the current avatar – is a headstrong young woman from the water nation whose skill is only matched by her brash and competitive nature.

The Legend of Korra is the powerful continuation of the Avatar storyline, focused on an older and more aggressive protagonist. Over the course of her journey, Korra is tested and challenged to both defeat the forces that oppose her and to temper her more mercurial tendencies. What emerges is a powerful story of friendship, love, trauma, and balance. Korra is a true hero of animated adventure and you can join her in her journey here on Toon.Style.

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