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The Incredibles

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They are the most heroic family in the world, even when the world turned its back on them.

Two of the greatest superheroes of all time, Elastigirl – a limber and quick-witted woman with stretch powers – and the super-strong Mr. Incredible, are forced into retirement after a public backlash against the collateral damage that superhero battles leave behind. Returning to their secret identities as Bob and Helen Parr, they settle into a normal suburban life, raising their teenage daughter Violet, their son Dash, and their newborn baby Jack-Jack while holding down boring jobs and domestic routine. But the world still needs heroes, and the Parr family come together, discovers the younger Parr children’s newfound powers, and save the world time and again.

They are The Incredibles.

Pixar’s first hero family has captivated generations of audiences with their heartfelt mix of family drama and caped crusader action. Mr. Incredible, his flexible wife Elastigirl, the invisible and angsty Violet, the hot-headed speedster Dash, as the baby with every power and no control Jack-Jack, the hen-pecked iceman Frozone, and – my personal favorite – the Anna Wintour-esque Edna Mode are iconic characters that are beloved around the world. Check out our incredible collection of Incredibles merchandise today!

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