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Super Mario Brothers

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Let’s go on a new adventure with the Mario brothers!

Originally named Jumpman and designed around the limitations of the technology of the time, Mario began his career in the iconic video game Donkey Kong, saving his girlfriend Pauline from the barrel-throwing ape. Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto brought an energetic liveliness to Mario that carried onto his major debut in the Nintendo Entertainment System’s Super Mario Brothers, one of the most influential video games of all time.

In Super Mario Bros., Mario is a plumber transported into the magical Mushroom Kingdom, where he battles alongside his brother Luigi to rescue Princess Peach from the dragon/turtle tyrant King Koopa. The game was a massive success and launched Mario into the realm of pop culture icon. Since then, he’s been in many, many more adventures battling the comically sinister King Koopa. In his down time, his friends and foes play golf, hunt ghosts, race go-karts, and compete in martial arts tournaments. Mario is truly a video game Renaissance Man and his colorful world has been welcoming people around the world for decades. Come join in on the fun with all the cool Mario stuff we have at Toon.Style!

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