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Strange things are going on in Hawkins Indiana during the early 1980s. A local boy disappears and his friends set out to find out where he is. A mysterious military experiment on the outskirts of town begins to go wrong. The mother of the missing boy discovers that she can sense his presence and creates elaborate methods of communicating with him. The boy’s friends discover a secret world of supernatural terror that they term the Upside Down. A monster out of nightmares begins to stalk the adolescent community of the town. And assassins arrive in town, looking for a mysterious little girl who can move objects with her mind.

Welcome to the world of Stranger Things.

This science fiction/horror show premiered on Netflix in the summer of 2016 and instantly acquired a huge fan following for its fantastic characters, eerie storytelling, and nostalgic touches of small town 1980s life. Its second season has recently concluded and expanded the show’s mythology, drawing a larger audience into its world. Much of the show feels like classic 1980s kid-centered science fiction mixed with teen slasher mixed with conspiracy thriller, while still creating something unique and original. The show won several awards for performances, cinematography, and screenplays, including two Emmys, but even these accolades don’t begin to approach the audience devotion to the show. Stranger Things has developed a HUGE cult following and costumes of the characters were among the most popular costumes from last Halloween.

And, of course, #justiceforbarb

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