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Cookie Monster

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Cookie Monster is beloved by children all over the world. This funny, fuzzy monster with a voice like a death metal singer lives for one thing: consuming as many cookies as possible. Watching him eat a cookie is an experience in joy. It’s all “nom nom nom” and exploding cookie crumbs.

Originally created by Jim Henson as part of an advertising campaign for General Mills foods, Cookie Monster made his debut on Sesame Street by joining Kermit the Frog for a lesson in the letter W. As Kermit explained letters to the audience, Cookie Monster ate them and then playfully tried to eat Kermit. He later sang the song “C is for Cookie,” which has become one of the most famous of the Sesame Street songs of all time.

In response to rising levels of childhood obesity, Cookie Monster became an important part of the show’s effort to teach children about healthy eating habits and regular exercise. Cookie Monster still loves cookies, but he reminds us that cookies are a sometimes food.

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