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Sixty years in the future, humanity had built robots with artificial intelligence that they named Omnics. Originally designed to do the jobs that humanity no longer wanted to do, the Omnics began rebelling against their creators and built lethal robots meant to overthrow humanity. Facing their destruction, the leaders of the world sought the most dangerous and dedicated warriors humanity had to offer. This motley crew of killers, scientists, assassins, and superhumans would dedicate themselves to defending humanity.

The team was called Overwatch.

Overwatch is a video game made by legendary game company Blizzard Entertainment. It’s described as a “hero shooter,” similar to games like Team Fortress 2, where the player takes control of one of 20 heroes to do battle with one another. From the wise gorilla Winston to the deadly sniper Widowmaker to the winter warrior Mei to the quippy speedster Tracer to the mech pilot D.Va, the characters in Overwatch has been embraced by fan communities around the world. The game is a star in the e-sports league, and millions of players dive into the Overwatch world every day. Now you can share your adventures with the characters with all the collectibles here on

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