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Nightmare Before Christmas

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From the delightfully twisted mind of Tim Burton comes A Nightmare Before Christmas. This madcap stop-motion musical is an animation marvel and has been delighting strange and unusual children and adults for over 20 years. In the magical land of the holidays, the special place that all your favorite festivities live, all is not well in Halloween Town. Jack Skellington, who rules Halloween Town as their beloved Pumpkin King, has grown bored and restless with his holiday responsibilities. After yet another successful – and very routine – Halloween outing, Jack goes for a wander in the woods at the edge of town. Seeking something to stimulate his imagination again, Jack discovers doorways to other holiday worlds and stumbles into the Christmas door. Delighted by visions of Christmas, he takes what he has learned back to Halloween Town to study the season further. At first befuddled and frustrated by his inability to understand the joy underlining Christmas, Jack decides that the best way to understand the holiday season is to experience it for himself. After all, what could be easier for the all-confident Jack Skellington than to simply give Santa Claus the year off and take the man’s responsibilities for himself. What happens is a delightful rampage as the scary monsters of Halloween Town try to get into the Christmas season, Jack dresses up as old Saint Nick, and the world gets a Christmas it won’t soon forget. A Nightmare Before Christmas has become a classic for the holidays. It’s the perfect film blending both the sweetness of Christmas and the spookiness of Halloween. Jack Skellington has become a cultural icon and we have tons of toys, clothes, and collectibles here for you to enjoy.

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