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In the time of the ninja, there was a great fox demon called Nine Tails. With one swish of its tail, the demon caused a tsunami that nearly wiped out the ninja stronghold of Konoha. The hokage, or village leader, used his magic to imprison the demon spirit into the body of a young boy.

That boy was named Naruto. He dreams of being the next hokage.

The Naruto show started out as a manga published in the Shonen Jump magazine before becoming one of the most popular and influential anime of all time. It’s a story of ninjitsu, magic, friendship, and rivalry. Naruto is schooled in the arts of the ninja, competes with the tactical genius Sasuke, and struggles with his relationships with other ninja in his community. The show has legions of fans around the world and has inspired a resurgence of interest in martial arts and the history of ninjitsu. Now you can begin your quest to become hokage with collectibles from!

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