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Jurassic Park

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Life, uh, finds a way . . .

The Jurassic Park/Jurassic World series imagines a world where biotechnology has brought the behemoth dinosaurs of lost ages back into our world. Lumbering apatosauruses graze majestically amongst the trees, fierce velociraptors stalk their prey through the underbrush, and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex remains the king of all he surveys. The miracle of these beast’s rebirth was thanks to John Hammond, a gentle-hearted billionaire who financed the research into reawakening dormant DNA found in prehistoric mosquitos trapped in amber. Hammond wanted to share his creations with the world and so created a theme park called Jurassic Park on a tiny island near Costa Rica.

Weeks before it opened, disaster struck. A saboteur disabled the park’s security system in order to steal company secrets. This released the dinosaurs from their enclosures and turned the park into a prehistoric nightmare. The park was closed and Hammond’s dreams were abandoned.

Years later, after Hammond had passed away, they tried again. This time, they got the park – now known as Jurassic World - open and running. This time, disaster didn’t come from corporate espionage but flagging park attendance. In an effort to keep guests coming, the company engineered even more aggressive and dangerous dinosaurs, in particular the deadly Indominus Rex. The dinosaurs escape again, people are killed, and velociraptor trainer Owen Grady and park executive Claire Dearing are forced to survive and prevent the disaster from spreading.

The crisis is contained and the heroes escape, leaving the island to its dinosaur inhabitants. But the island is becoming unstable. Volcano activity threatens to destroy these miraculous creatures. And so our heroes must return to the island in the upcoming Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

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