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Harry Potter

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Take a journey through wonder and imagination through the magical world of Harry Potter!

This worldwide phenomenon has delighted audiences of all ages. Following the tale of Harry Potter, an orphaned child in England who discovers the world of magic after being invited to attend Hogwarts, a magical school for witchcraft and wizardry. As he struggles to acclimate into his new world and his newfound fame at surviving the attack by the vicious dark wizard Voldemort that killed his parents, he meets a cast of heroes and villains that have become beloved around the world.

Early on in the series, Harry Potter meets the brainy Hermoine Granger and the nervous Ron Weasley, fellow classmates who join Harry on his adventures. He forms a rivalry with the bullies at House Slytherin, especially with the cowardly spoiled brat Draco Malfoy. In between his adventures, Harry and his friends attend classes in spellcrafting from teachers like the witch Minerva McGonagall, the wise mentor Dumbledore, and the brittle teacher with a dark secret Severus Snape. As Harry learned and grew over the course of the series, he learned that the dark wizard Voldemort was gathering his strength for a final, fatal assault on the wizarding world.

Harry Potter is one of the most important franchises of all time, and it ranks up with Star Wars in terms of international popularity. An entire generation of Millennials grew up alongside Harry Potter and his friends. As a new series of adventures begin with the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them stories, you can revisit your favorite characters here.

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