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Five Nights At Freddy's

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Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is a delightful place to take your 6 year old for a birthday party. They can scarf down all the slices they want while enjoying the delightful animatronic antics of Freddy Fazbear and his friends Bonnie the Rabbit, Chica the Chicken, and Foxy the Pirate Fox!

At night, it’s a different story. At night, the animatronics come to life and stalk the darkened halls of the restaurant. And the poor beleaguered night security employee has to keep their eyes open, otherwise one of those dangerously sentient robots might get them and stuff them into the gears of their animatronics.

Five Nights at Freddy’s is the little game that could. Originally created by a single programmer named Scott Cawthon, the game became a massive horror success thanks to comedy streamers like Markiplier who released videos of their humorous overreactions to the game’s many jump scares. As a younger group of monster fans are enthusiastically devouring the game, the series has expanded with new locations, new characters, and a sinister backstory featuring mass murders and occult activities at the heart of the deadly activities at Freddy’s restaurant.

This game is one of the biggest franchises in horror fiction. Kids love it, adults are often mystified by it, and a new movie will be coming out soon. In the meantime, check out our collectibles and be sure to keep your battery life filled.

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