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Dragon Ball Z

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One of the most influential anime franchises of all time, Dragon Ball has left a permanent mark on the pop culture landscape of the world. The children who grew up watching the show pass it on to their children and the lead character of Son Goku has become one of the biggest “fitspiration” icons among pop culture fans who work out.

Cartoonist Akira Toriyama, who was inspired by classic martial art stories and the work of actor Jackie Chan, created the series. The Dragon Ball story is a loose retelling of the Chinese classic legend Journey to the West and tells the story of Son Goku, a martial artist who trains to be the strongest in the world. He’s on the quest to locate the Dragon Balls, powerful artifacts that, when brought together, will summon down a powerful dragon that can grant wishes. Goku travels the world fighting aliens, monsters, and sinister beings trying to assemble the dragon balls for their own malevolent purposes.

Some of the most memorable characters of all time, including Goku and his son Gohan, the evil Piccolo, the scrappy Bulma, and dozens of other iconic heroes and villains. Now you can get your power level to over 9000 with our collectibles from!

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