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Bob's Burgers

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Bob’s Burgers tells the tale of the Belcher family, proprietors of a small burger restaurant in an Oceanside East Coast town. The business is struggling, but the family keeps it together with love, enthusiasm, and a fantastic sense of humor.

The patriarch of the family is Bob Belcher, a lifetime burger man with an artisan’s eye for burgers – check out the cute puns he comes up with for the burger of the day – a sense of loving exasperation with his family, and a barely-suppressed competitive streak that sometimes gets him in trouble. By his side is Linda Belcher, his flamboyant wife with a passion for drama, good company, and a good glass of wine. Finally, there are the three Belcher children; Tina, an avid fan-fiction writer who is as boy-crazy as she is awkward; Gene, a theater kid with a big appetite and a big personality; and Louise, the bunny-eared terror and chief mischief-maker of the family.

The show is funny and yet strangely affecting, with a lot of grounded storytelling and tremendous heart. The Belchers are one of the greatest families in animation history and you can join them on their adventures every week on Fox.

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