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He is justice. He is vengeance. He is the night.

He is Batman.

Created in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger, Batman was at once a throwback to pulp serial characters like The Shadow and a vibrant new character for the still blossoming world of comics. While he has grown and changed over the years, a few things have remained consistent in every variation of the character.

As a child, Bruce Wayne was forced to watch his parents get gunned down in a dark alleyway after leaving a performance of The Mark of Zorro. Shocked and traumatized, he vowed to spend his life fighting crime so that no other family would have to suffer like he did. He travelled the world, using his parent’s vast fortune to learn all the techniques of science, detective work, and the martial arts. Upon returning home, he assumed command of his father’s massive company and diverted the R&D department into building equipment that he could use in his one-man vigilante campaign against the villains holding Gotham City hostage. Finally, while exploring the grounds of his family home, he discovered a massive bat cave. Realizing that criminals were a “superstitious and cowardly lot,” he made the bat his personal sigil and the Batman was born.

Over time, Batman had gained allies including his trusted butler and surrogate father Alfred, the honest Commissioner Gordon, and a group of apprentices who had also suffered from crime and were willing to take up the mantle of Robin. He’d also gained some of the most deadly adversaries in all of comics, from the mischievous Riddler to the terrifying clown Joker. No matter what the world has thrown his way, Batman has always found a way to triumph.

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