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Avatar: The Last Airbender

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Avatar: the Last Airbender is a groundbreaking animated series that appeared on Nickelodeon in February 2005 and instantly captivated the world with its gorgeous, fluid animation and heartfelt storytelling.

Set in a world that draws elements from different Asian and Pacific Island cultures, a select few humans of the world can control the elements through bending, a psychokinetic martial art that allows earthbenders to command stone, waterbenders to dance with water, firebenders to set fire to their enemies, and airbenders to dance on the winds, with a single chosen Avatar who can control all elements. When the story starts, the airbenders have all but been wiped out and the fire nation has gone on a war of conquest. Against this chaos, a new Avatar named Aang arises to bring airbending back and restore balance to the world.

Accompanying him on his journey is his flying bison Appa, the headstrong waterbender Katara and her goofy brother Sokka. They set out on their quest hunted by Prince Zuko, the disgraced prince of the fire nation who seeks to redeem himself by capturing the Avatar.

Avatar is one of the best animated stories of all time. Its characters, conflicts, and interpersonal dramas are set against a backdrop of fantastic animation and memorable action scenes. Now you can join the adventures of Aang and his friends with the collectibles on Toon.Style!

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