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Sterling Archer, the dashing spy and member of international espionage operation I.S.I.S., is many things. He is handsome, suave, well-dressed agent; a killer and a lover, a master of a dozen languages, and a jet-setting playboy. He’s also loud, dumb, boorish, a borderline alcoholic, and an irresponsible man-child who relies on both luck and his put-upon coworkers to get him out of trouble.

Archer is an animated workplace comedy, if your job involves deposing governments or going toe-to-toe with killer Russian cyborgs. While Archer and his perpetually-annoyed partner Lana Kane dash around the world in dangerous situations, his coworkers grumble about vacation time, expense reports, and all the other too-familiar minutia of office life. In between missions, Archer often trades quips with his overbearing spy mother Malory, bullies the nervous company accountant Cyril Figgis, and gets into wildly in appropriate relationships with peppy farm girl Pam Poovey and the wealthy lunatic Cheryl Tunt. The Archer cast is a diverse team of exceptional, hilarious jerks and their globe-trotting antics have kept their fans enthralled for years.

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