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Ant Man

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Sometimes heroes are born, some aspire to a higher calling in life, and some are just dragged into the life because they’re marginally competent criminals with bad luck and no other choice.

Scott Lang was an ex-con and skilled thief with alimony payments. After a string of menial jobs that don’t cover his child support payments, his former cellmate talks him into another heist. Unfortunately for him, the home they decide to break into is the residence of Dr. Hank Pym, super scientist and discoverer of the Pym particle. Pym particles interact with the subatomic quantum realm and can be harnessed to change the size of anything. Dr. Pym invented a suit powered by Pym particles, which Scott steals. After a series of harrowing adventures, Dr. Pym and his headstrong daughter Hope train Scott in the use of the suit. He proves his worth, saves the day, and later becomes an Avenger!

Ant Man is a unique addition to the Marvel Universe. In a world of gods and monsters, he’s a normal man caught up in a harrowing adventure. Fortunately, Hope will be joining the fray in her own Pym particle suit as the invincible Wasp! Check out their new adventures this year and create your own stories with these cool Any Man collectibles!

Ant Man Products

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  • Ant Man Book

    Enter the world of imagination with a Ant Man book.

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