Metal Meets Fandom

ToonStyle is all about helping you bring your favorite franchises and characters out of their books, shows, and movies and into your clothes, accessories, home decor, and generally anywhere possible. Every time I thought, for example, “There’s no way that Ninja Turtle cufflinks exist, right?”, I was proven wrong. Many designs exist!

Today I had another one of those moments. I was bouncing through YouTube when I hit a very cool channel – Frog Leap Studios. A heavy metal expert with serious musical skills, Leo Moracchioli covers songs we all know and re-tools them with metal. It’s fun listening to Michael Jackson or Katy Perry’s hits, but it’s even more fun to see Leo rock out with some songs from our favorite kids movies. The songs are perfect mashups in the ToonStyle spirit.

The Playlist

  • My favorite of the bunch, Frozen’s Let It Go. A lot of parents have heard the original hundreds or thousands of times, so it’s nice to hear a different take on it.
  • Lion King’s Hakuna Matata.
  • I Like To Move It, which is a major part of the Madagascar franchise from Dreamworks. This song has already been covered many times, so why not once more?
  • The Simpsons Theme. I really enjoyed watching Leo and his daughter (I think?) build a LEGO Springfield.
  • Everything is Awesome, from The LEGO Movie. It’s great to watch Leo get in an adult-size Emmet costume and rock out. You can tell he’s into watching these movies with his family.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song. It’s not for the youngest audience, but the Fresh Prince was one of the great shows from my childhood.

Kiss Me, I’m Green-ish: Pop Culture Merch for St. Patrick’s Day

In case you haven’t noticed from the Google doodle or sea of green around you, today is St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to avoid getting pinched for not wearing green and rep your favorite fandom at the same time, check out our list of fun green shirts and other pop culture merchandise for men, women, and children.

Harry Potter Slytherin Crest T-Shirt

Harry Potter Slytherin Shirt
Harry Potter Slytherin Shirt

If you have a little bit of a dark side, show off your favorite Hogwarts house with this bright green shirt. Even if it wasn’t green, people would be too nervous to pinch a Slytherin!

Frankenstein Socks

Frankenstein socks
Frankenstein socks

If you’re a horror movie buff, these green socks are the perfect undercover St. Patrick’s day swag. They’re knee-high, so there’s more than enough green to go around — and then some!

Green Yoda Star Wars T-Shirt

Green Yoda Star Wars T-Shirt
Green Yoda Star Wars T-Shirt

Do or do not dress up for St. Patrick’s Day, there is no try. If you do want to dress up, this shirt will do the trick. It’s green, and will get you high fives from fellow Star Wars fans (or oblivious people who just really like motivational slogans).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Green Shell Backpack

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the kids! If your kids weren’t excited about St. Patrick’s Day yet, this sweet Ninja Turtles backpack should get the party started. It looks like a turtle shell (um, awesome!), but it won’t slow you down with all your March 17th festivities.

Star Wars Kiss Me I’m Solo Shirt

Han Solo St. Patrick's Day Shirt
Han Solo St. Patrick’s Day Shirt via ThinkGeek

It doesn’t get more on-point than this when it comes to pop culture St. Patrick’s Day merch. Whether or not you want to kiss Han Solo, you’ll be the star (wars) wherever you go. We might even say, your friends will be green with envy…

Shrek Kit

Shrek Kit
Shrek Kit via Target

This amazing and hilarious Shrek kit (with ears and nose) can be used by kids or adults. Make people laugh (with you, not at you!) by sporting these at your St. Patrick’s Day shindig. Hey, they’re green, right?

The Legend of Zelda Green Pajama Pants

Zelda Pajamas
Zelda Pajamas via Hot Topic

When you’re tired out from all the green beer, throw these PJs on and climb into your cozy bed (even if your sheets aren’t green, hopefully they’re clean). Have sweet dreams of Zelda and Link after another successful St. Patrick’s Day.

Want to see even more great pop culture clothing, toys, and other merch? Check out ToonStyle!

Best Black Panther Movie Merch

Looking for Black Panther toys, clothing, and other fun merch?  You’ve come to the right place. We reviewed some of the coolest Black Panther movie merch/products and picked out a handful of our favorites to share with you. Long live the king!

Black Panther Poster T-Shirt:

Black Panther T-shirt (from Hot Topic) - Official Black Panther Movie Merch
Black Panther T-shirt (from Hot Topic)

It doesn’t get much cooler than this shirt,  which features the official Black Panther poster art on a sleek, all-black tee from Hot Topic. It manages to fit ten different characters in an on-point graphic that’s just begging to be shown off.

Wakanda Forever T-Shirt:

Wakanda Forever T-Shirt (from Hot Topic) - Official Black Panther Movie Merch
Wakanda Forever T-Shirt (from Hot Topic)

Wakanda for what? Forever! Up next is another awesome Black Panther shirt from Hot Topic, with bold gold print on all black. Wakanda is considered to be the most technologically advanced country on the planet — so if you’re planning a visit, make sure you’re up to date with this tee.

Erik Killmonger Funko POP!:

Erik Killmonger Funko POP - Official Black Panther Movie Merch
Erik Killmonger Funko POP!

Move over, T’challa… this Killmonger Funko POP is ready for battle — or at least for a place on your shelf or desk. There’s never a dull moment when Erik Killmonger is around.

Black Panther Handbag:

Black Panther Handbag/Purse
Black Panther Handbag/Purse

It can be hard to find a purse with an attitude, but this bag should do the trick! It’s simple yet bold, and any Black Panther fan worth their salt will know what you’re representing. To everyone else, you’ll just look cool. You can feel like you’re carrying around a panther fur bag — without angry calls from PETA!

Black Panther High Top Sneakers:

Black Panther High Top Sneakers
Black Panther High Top Sneakers

These boots were made for walkin’ – actually, these shoes were made for running around Wakanda like you’re T’Challa (or at least like you’re a Black Panther stan). Your feet will be the talk of the town (or maybe even nation) with these bad boys on.


Fiending for even more Black Panther movie merch? Check out ToonStyle for more great Black Panther products from Hot Topic, Walmart, Amazon, ThinkGeek, and more!

9 Gifts for the 80s Movie Nostalgic

If your friend Says Anything when you give them this classic Lloyd boom box trench coat t-shirt, it had better be thank you! What better way get out of the doghouse than by referencing this monumentally romantic scene in the form of this meaningful (and reasonably priced) gift – the only true path is forgiveness!
Image by Jlisme


“Jaaaaaaaaaake!”…If you can’t immediately name that scene, have you even seen Sixteen Candles (…100 times, like I have)?  Surprise your loved one with this adorable graphic t with an illustration of the movie’s official poster!
 Image by Rachael Burriss


Or maybe if a collectible is more their style, this Samantha bobble head is a fun way to let them dress up their desk at work or add to their glass collectibles cabinet devoted entirely to 80s inspired memorabilia (not judging). Also find more Sixteen Candles merch here!
 Image by Hot Topic


Goonies never say die, but they might say “hey that’s a cool shirt!”. Your bae will look slamming in this black and white silhouette design t-shirt from Redbubble – they’ll never want to take it off!

 Image by ajeung

Go Back to the Future with this amazingly retro Cafe 80s shirt from Redbubble! Flaunt your love for baby Michael J with subtly – only the true fans will catch the reference – and everyone one else will think it’s a cool 1980s throwback. This shirt not exactly your style? Check out some other options!

Image by Plan8


Be a true friend, and don’t trade anyone out for a bunch of swatch-dogs and diet-cokeheads – give them this adorable Heathers phone case! Featuring a marker illustration of the infamous backyard croquet scene, this gift is sure to please the devoted Heathers fan!

 Image by Catie Stewart

Nobody puts baby in a corner, but it looks like someone’s put (a quote about) her on a pillow. Help your 80s fan decorate their couch or bed with this cute throw pillow sporting the classic Dirty Dancing line “She’s Like The Wind” written in modern calligraphy. 

 Image by Quotation Park


You might have thought it was inconceivable to put Vizzini’s face directly on a mini-skirt but someone at Redbubble has just proven you wrong! This fabric print is definitely not for the faint of heart, but a fun statement piece for the true Princess Bride loving fashionista/o!


 Image by lettherebelips


And for those with subtler tastes (lame!), your WISHes have been granted with this classic Wesley quote t-shirt! As with all Redbubble prints, these come in different cuts and sizes so you can find the perfect match for your lucky giftee!
Image by typox

5 Amazing Character Valentines Gifts

It’s February 14th, which means it’s time to shout “Happy Valentines Day!” from the rooftops — or in a text, if you’re not exactly the romantic type.

If you still haven’t picked out the perfect Valentines gifts for your one true love (or even a friend!), we have you covered with five ways to celebrate love with some of your favorite characters.

Paw Patrol Valentine Candy Card Kit

Paw Patrol Valentine Candy Card Kit

Okay, so this one is geared more towards kids. But even if you’re shopping for an adult, who doesn’t love cute dogs and candy? It comes with 28 cards and 28 lollipops — so just enough for two people 😉

Peanuts Valentine Fleece Throw

Peanuts Valentine Fleece Throw

If you know any Peanuts fans, this throw will be sure to get you major brownie points. What better way to stay cozy on Valentines Day?

Star Wars “Who’s Your Daddy” Mug

Star Wars Darth Vader "Who's Your Daddy" Mug

Throw a little bit of humor into your Valentine’s Day gift with this hilarious Darth Vader mug — a must-have for any Star Wars lovers! Especially if you like your coffee roasted on the dark side.

The Simpsons: Kiss and Tell: The Story of Their Love

The Simpsons: Kiss and Tell

This collection includes four “romantically-themed” Simpsons episodes, with 90 minutes full of heart-warming laughs. Yes please!

Chewbacca “Be Mine” Boxer Briefs

Chewbacca Boxer Briefs

Another classic Star War Valentines gift that can be enjoyed all day and all night by your favorite Chewbacca fan — as long as they remember to do laundry!


We hope you liked these Valentines gifts as much as we do — check out ToonStyle for more awesome character merch that you can rock year-round!


5 Dinosaur Facts Scientists Discovered Since Jurassic Park Came Out

Jurassic Park logo

Believe it or not, it’s been almost twenty five years since the original Jurassic Park came out. Lots of things have changed since then — and not just the color of Steven Spielberg’s hair. But who would have thought that our understanding of creatures that existed 65 million years ago would be one of them? Not us. Read on to increase your knowledge of all things dino — and check out some of our favorite Jurassic Park merch!

Sauroniops Pachytholus
Image by Vaderxl

1. The existence of a previously unknown type of dinosaur called Sauroniops Pachytholus (yes, the name is a reference to Lord of the Rings, for all you Bilbo Baggins fans out there). You’d think a dinosaur the size of T-rex would be pretty hard to hide, but apparently not, since scientists were not aware of the Sauroniops Pachytholus until almost a decade after Jurassic Park came out. Too bad, because it would’ve been a pretty cool addition to the movie! (Hint hint, for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.)

Dinosaur with Feathers
Image by AMNH

2. Some dinosaurs had (primitive versions of) feathers. This had been speculated well before everyone’s favorite dino film came out, but it wasn’t until the late 90’s that conclusive proof of the first dinosaur with feathers was unearthed. (That dinosaur type is Sinosauropteryx, in case you need a name for your next pet.)

Image by Levi Bernardo

3. Dinosaurs were even taller than we thought. The idea of coming across a giant T-Rex already sounded daunting (or maybe just exciting, if you’re Ross from Friends). But six years after Jurassic Park came out, scientists discovered a type of dinosaur (Sauroposeidon) that was 59 feet tall! Good luck winning a limbo contest with that (although glowering at the judges from almost 60 feet up could very well get you that trophy).

Image by HodariNundu

4. There was a dinosaur that looked like a duck. If this sounds like your dream (or nightmare) Pokemon, you’re not alone. The Halszkaraptor apparently had a semiaquatic lifestyle, but could walk on land as need be (kind of like Michael Phelps). Word is still out on whether or not they quacked, but we’ll let our imagination say yes.

Caihong juji
Image by Velizar Simeonovski

5. Some dinosaurs may have sparkled/glittered. This sounds like a Tumblr post waiting to happen, so we’ll consider this dinosaur, known as Caihong juji, to be a prehistoric hipster. Scientists think the glittering effect, which may have served as a social cue to other dinosaurs, likely resembled the look of modern hummingbirds. We’re not sure if we’d be as happy to see a dinosaur flying through our garden, though — especially not after seeing what happens in, you guessed it, Jurassic Park.

If this list made you reminisce about the first time you saw Jurassic Park, grab some popcorn and rent or buy the Paleolithic classic here!