Make food art. Send us pics. Win a cheeseboard + $100 Amazon gift card!

Here’s our cheddar and havarti Iron Man creation to help get your imagination going.

ToonStyle’s Snack Art Contest

It’s that time of year… to eat too much at all kinds of seasonal gatherings! And for all of us over-eating, it means someone is hosting that group and serving some great snacks. To help your next snack-attack-get-together go off without a hitch, we here at ToonStyle want to give away a cheeseboard from Picnic Time, and a $100 Amazon gift card. So, we’re having our first “character snack art” contest – just craft an iconic character with your favorite snacks and send us a picture. We’ll take submissions through January 13 2019, and then we’ll open up the contest to our visitors to vote on the best snack creations.

Picnic Time has a bunch of great Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar cheeseboards and serving trays.