Vote for the Best Character Food Art! Win $ on Amazon!

We put out the call for amazing favorite character inspired food art, and you answered. Now it’s time to vote for your favorite! The winner will get a $100 gift card for Amazon and an awesome PicnicTime Marvel / Disney / Pixar / Star Wars cheese board of their choice.

One voter will be chosen at random to receive a $10 Amazon gift card! Thanks to all of our visitors for helping us judge the contest!

ToonStyle Food Art Vote

Thanks to all of our artists! Go ahead and show them some Instagram love.

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Make food art. Send us pics. Win a cheeseboard + $100 Amazon gift card!

Here’s our cheddar and havarti Iron Man creation to help get your imagination going.

ToonStyle’s Snack Art Contest

It’s that time of year… to eat too much at all kinds of seasonal gatherings! And for all of us over-eating, it means someone is hosting that group and serving some great snacks. To help your next snack-attack-get-together go off without a hitch, we here at ToonStyle want to give away a cheeseboard from Picnic Time, and a $100 Amazon gift card. So, we’re having our first “character snack art” contest – just craft an iconic character with your favorite snacks and send us a picture. We’ll take submissions through January 13 2019, and then we’ll open up the contest to our visitors to vote on the best snack creations.

Picnic Time has a bunch of great Marvel, Star Wars, Disney, and Pixar cheeseboards and serving trays.

Riverd- I mean ToonStyle! Goes To NY Comic Con

Under the expert leadership of our head costume designer Diana, team ToonStyle became the Riverdale gang and ventured to New York Comic Con 2018!

We received a healthy amount of praise for our costumes, and I don’t think we saw a Riverdale crew with over four people during our time at the convention. It was pretty awesome getting picture requests from 15 year olds (presumably Riverdale fans) and 55 year olds (presumably Archie comics fans) alike. Archie, Cheryl, Veronica, and Jughead made great conversation starters without being a pain to wear all day. Strongly recommended!

We’re going to spend our next few blog posts going over some of our top finds from NYCC 2018, so keep reading!

How-To Group Costume – Riverdale

The ToonStyle team has set in motion a plan to transform… into the Riverdale crew!

(Photo by Entertainment Tonight)

It’s not easy to pull off a group costume, so we wanted to write up the main details AND the subtle ones for anyone else trying to pull this off for Halloween, because it’s just a few weeks away. 😱😱😱

Archie Andrews

Archie is a pretty average guy, so you have to hit a couple critical details if you want people to stop and notice. Namely, his Riverdale varsity jacket, and if you want to go all-in: his auburn hair. After that you have some freedom, but we chose to go with a plain white tee, jeans, and casual leather shoes.

It came together really easily EXCEPT for finding a good wig. We searched through hundreds of wigs on Amazon and there were just too many strange ones. Once false click had us ordering something out of the Ronald McDonald playbook. Eventually we settled on this one, and gave it a HEAVY trim down to an almost respectable size. That’s right, if you want a great group costume, you might have to bust out your hair cutting skills… and a bunch of hair gel.

Riverdale Varsity Jacket at Spirit Halloween

Auburn wig (with enough hair to spike up!) at Amazon

Cheryl Blossom

Next up is the fiery Cheryl Blossom, with her sharp tongue and full head of cascading red curls. We had more luck on this wig than the Archie one (no haircuts necessary, thank god!) and paired with a tight red sweater, close-to-inappropriately-short faux leather skirt and slightly heeled black booties, the perfect look was assembled. Because we think the Blossom’s would agree that the devil is in the details, we finished it off with a ruby spider brooch and Cheryl’s signature jewelry item, a black chocker necklace. Add fake eyelashes, heavy mascara and a red lip and you’ll be getting mistaken for this head River Vixen everywhere you go!

Long Red Wig at Amazon

Red Sweater at Amazon

Short black skirt at Amazon

Spider Brooch at Amazon

Boots at Amazon

Jughead Jones

Jughead is pretty distinctive in the comics, but his look doesn’t port over to the show so well. He has the distinctive beanie, but a lot of the rest of his costume is stuff you might already own, so this might be a great role to assign your most reluctant teammate. We found the beanie, got a wig for the tuft of hair coming out, and added a Southside Serpents shirt. Tie a flannel/plaid shirt on your waist, throw on a pair of jeans, and call it a day.

Southside Serpents Baseball Tee at Amazon

Jughead’s Signature Beanie at Amazon

Wig at Amazon

Flannel button down at Amazon

Veronica Lodge

For the girl (or guy) who’s wardrobe trends towards sexy prep school chic, Veronica Lodge is an easy outfit to throw together. Throw on a tasteful (but preferably short) pencil skirt, a tight sleeveless blouse, a classy strand of pearls and a killer pair of heels and you’re 90% of the way to a convincing Park Avenue vixen. Complete the look with Veronica’s signature black winged liner and intensely prominent brows!

Pencil Skirt at Express

Strappy Tank Top Top at Express

Faux Pearl Necklace at Amazon

Shoulder Bag at Amazon

Boots at Amazon

Check out part two for our reveal!

Metal Meets Fandom

ToonStyle is all about helping you bring your favorite franchises and characters out of their books, shows, and movies and into your clothes, accessories, home decor, and generally anywhere possible. Every time I thought, for example, “There’s no way that Ninja Turtle cufflinks exist, right?”, I was proven wrong. Many designs exist!

Today I had another one of those moments. I was bouncing through YouTube when I hit a very cool channel – Frog Leap Studios. A heavy metal expert with serious musical skills, Leo Moracchioli covers songs we all know and re-tools them with metal. It’s fun listening to Michael Jackson or Katy Perry’s hits, but it’s even more fun to see Leo rock out with some songs from our favorite kids movies. The songs are perfect mashups in the ToonStyle spirit.

The Playlist

  • My favorite of the bunch, Frozen’s Let It Go. A lot of parents have heard the original hundreds or thousands of times, so it’s nice to hear a different take on it.
  • Lion King’s Hakuna Matata.
  • I Like To Move It, which is a major part of the Madagascar franchise from Dreamworks. This song has already been covered many times, so why not once more?
  • The Simpsons Theme. I really enjoyed watching Leo and his daughter (I think?) build a LEGO Springfield.
  • Everything is Awesome, from The LEGO Movie. It’s great to watch Leo get in an adult-size Emmet costume and rock out. You can tell he’s into watching these movies with his family.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song. It’s not for the youngest audience, but the Fresh Prince was one of the great shows from my childhood.