Teepublic Custom Shirt Review

Up next in our custom shirt printing series, we have TeePublic, another one of the top custom printing contenders. We’ll be evaluating these shirts on the same set of criteria to show you how they measure up with price, appearance, shipping, site ease of use, and variety of shirt choice!


Once you spend any time on the TeePublic site, it becomes clear that it is more about showcasing art from professional artists – as opposed to uploading your own – and likely questionable – custom images like we did with Vistaprint. As with most of these types of sites, you *can* upload your own art, but it is much more of an involved process and it’s clearly not what the site was intended for.


What we ordered: A Kung Fu Panda/Poe Dameron mash-up Classic T-Shirt in men’s Medium. As previously stated, this was not art that we uploaded ourselves but the design was sold by an artist via the TeePublic site.


Price: $20.00  – ★★★★
The price for TeePublic shirts was definitely at a premium compared to other sites like Vistaprint, but we felt good about the rate given that you’re paying for the custom art and the overall shirt quality is quite high. This is not the place you come to churn out 100 shirts for your upcoming family reunion, but it is a nice site to shop if you want a high quality shirt with the franchise mashup of your dreams.


Shipping: $6.99 (standard shipping) – ★★★★
We selected the standard shipping option which wasn’t particularly cheap at $7 and took 8 days to arrive. This was on the high end price-wise of sites that we tried, and on the low end of shipping speed, but all in all, given that the shirt was custom printed, $27 total (okay, maybe we added $2 for tax?) was a price we were willing to pay once we saw the final product.


Shirt Feel/Appearance/Cut – ★★★★★
Now for the good stuff, how did the shirt look, fit and feel? Overall pretty dang well with a few caveats that I will list below!


– Fit -★★★★
We ordered a men’s medium for Jim who is 5’8” and it was quite long. The chest, waist and shoulders fit pretty well so the length was the only “issue” but he said he would consider sizing down to a small if he reordered as it would compare to what one would usually find on a men’s large or extra large. If you’re at least a couple inches taller and usually wear a men’s medium, you’d probably be in good shape, but if you’re in the 5’8” or below range, the length is something to keep in mind.

– Fabric -★★★★★
The fabric quality was good – the shirt is cotton and felt soft. TeePublic also offers an extra-soft fabric shirt so if that’s more up your alley, you can get something even more comfy (for more $$ of course).


 – Quality of print -★★★★★
The quality of the print was really nice, it looked like any shirt you would pick up in a bigger retail store. A benefit of custom art created by actual artists (and not Diana and a free photoshop knockoff) is that the quality of the images is very high. This doesn’t always translate into a high quality print – as evidenced by some of our experiences with Redbubble – but in this case TeePublic did a really good job.


Choice of Shirts -★★★★★
Choice of shirts (and just generally things to print on) is a place that I’d say TeePublic really shined. They offer a number of women’s and men’s cuts with a ton of flexibility on the base color of the shirt. Jim took advantage of this by changing the shirt color from the default dark grey to a bright orange and it came out really great! In addition to shirts, you can order anything from a hoodie to a throw pillow so there are excellent options.

Site Ease of Use – ★★★★★
The site was really easy to use, mimicking the experience of something like Target or Walmart. Because it’s not centered around using your own art, it’s truly like shopping for clothing (or other things) anywhere else on the internet, with a few more options when it comes to fit and color of the item in question. The search box works pretty well if you’re looking for a particular character or franchise and from selection to purchase, it was only a few intuitive clicks. Setting up your own custom art as an artist is likely more involved (if you’re desperate to upload your own designs), but we didn’t even attempt so we can only wish you good luck.


Some additional pluses:
– There is a LOT of custom art by amazing artists; if you don’t trust yourself to create something you’d want to wear, this is definitely the place to come!
– The shirts seem to wash well.
– They have contests for particular franchises and characters which yields some super cool designs.
So now that we’ve hit our key points, I’d say our rating of TeePublic is sitting at about 4.5 stars! The price was on the higher side and some things about fit and shipping left a bit to be desired, but overall we ended up with a great quality shirt with an amazing franchise mash-up print.
If you would like to hear our thoughts on TeePublic in a different format, we’ve uploaded one of our ToonStyle youtube videos where Jim goes through the pros and cons and you can see the shirt in action!
We’ll be continuing our custom print series so keep an eye out for more videos to come; both here and on YouTube!

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