Luca Designs – Spotlight Exhibitor Interview

Following our exhibitor spotlight on Luca Designs, the company was gracious enough to answer some questions about their business and franchise favorites! See the full interview below and prepare to fall even more in love with this incredible brand.

1) Tell us about your business – what do you specialize in, what do you sell?

We specialize in creating unique character jackets that are fashionable and comfortable for everyday wear. Each of our jackets is handcrafted with a high attention to detail. 

2) What’s the story of how the business got started?

The business was started when Luca had one of his favorite jackets stolen at a charity event’s coatcheck. He made it his goal to design his own jacket and refused to buy another replica. Through the use of his unique tastes and design sense people demanded more of his edgy and unique styles.

3) What are the best things and most challenging things about having a business in this space?

The best experiences are being innovative and continuously impressing our awesome client base with over the top but accessibly cool designs. It can be challenging to keep up with the demand as we’re working to expand our reach but we love the rush of meeting a challenge head-on and succeeding.

4) What is your personal favorite franchise or character?

My favorite character is Venom, I also like Carnage and Two Face a lot. We’ve created a couple of Venom jackets and I’m hoping to be able to bring some designs for the other two to life soon.


5) What do you like about the franchises you incorporate into your merch? Why are they a good fit?

We chose specific characters from some of our favorite franchises that we feel represent our brand. We try to design based on the feel of the character, we don’t copy designs, rather we take inspiration from the nostalgia and create something fresh that works with the character. 

6) What characters have you not gotten to weave into your products that you’d like to add? Why those characters?

We will do all the characters we can, there is no limit which is why this is such an exciting endeavor. Some of the coolest ones to come are our unique Junkrat design (available on Kickstarter soon for pre-order) and the Cyberpunk 2077 jacket will be launching early next year. Luca is passionate about video games and loves to create designs based on some of his favorite gaming characters.

Luca has picked certain characters to test the boundaries of fashion and embrace the underlying nostalgia from growing up around them or being influenced by them. He usually pushes characters that speak to him and stand out in some way.

8) What’s another smaller vendor that you love to shop for franchise/character merch that you think not a lot of people know about?

We go to a lot of conventions in the United States and Canada, so we get to see a lot of great people making really creative items. Nothing specific I could point you to at the moment, it’s just great to see other people embracing their passions and we love talking with the other vendors and attendees at these events.

Thanks SO much to Luca Designs for taking the time to chat with us at Comic-Con and for letting us conduct this fascinating interview! We hope you love Luca’s jackets as much as we do – we’re looking forward to seeing the new crop top jackets they’re promising with characters like Mercy, Soldier 76, and D.Va!

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