Comic-Con Exhibitor Spotlight: Luca Designs


In honor of our first Comic-Con, we’re highlighting some of the stand-out vendors that most impressed us as we walked the exhibition floor in all of our Riverdale glory!


First up is Luca Designs , a company that crafts franchise/character inspired jackets of incredible quality. The jackets run the gamut of shows and movies, with samplings such as our very own Riverdale Serpents  and the Star Lord Guardians of the Galaxy signature jacket. What really caught our eye was the subtly of the designs and the impressive craftsmanship of the merchandise. The jackets are not only an awesome addition to any cosplay costume, but also a great piece to throw on for a regular night out as they’re very well fitted and not in-your-face. Luca Designs will even custom fit your jacket if you provide all of your measurements so it’s no surprise that the booth was swamped with people the whole time we were there.

We were lucky enough to get to chat with Luca himself for a bit at his booth and were inspired by his passion for both his business and designs. Now we’re just anxiously awaiting the red Cheryl Blossom Serpents jacket that Luca himself promised was coming up in the collection…
Stay tuned for an interview with Luca designs, it’s coming soon!

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