Metal Meets Fandom

ToonStyle is all about helping you bring your favorite franchises and characters out of their books, shows, and movies and into your clothes, accessories, home decor, and generally anywhere possible. Every time I thought, for example, “There’s no way that Ninja Turtle cufflinks exist, right?”, I was proven wrong. Many designs exist!

Today I had another one of those moments. I was bouncing through YouTube when I hit a very cool channel – Frog Leap Studios. A heavy metal expert with serious musical skills, Leo Moracchioli covers songs we all know and re-tools them with metal. It’s fun listening to Michael Jackson or Katy Perry’s hits, but it’s even more fun to see Leo rock out with some songs from our favorite kids movies. The songs are perfect mashups in the ToonStyle spirit.

The Playlist

  • My favorite of the bunch, Frozen’s Let It Go. A lot of parents have heard the original hundreds or thousands of times, so it’s nice to hear a different take on it.
  • Lion King’s Hakuna Matata.
  • I Like To Move It, which is a major part of the Madagascar franchise from Dreamworks. This song has already been covered many times, so why not once more?
  • The Simpsons Theme. I really enjoyed watching Leo and his daughter (I think?) build a LEGO Springfield.
  • Everything is Awesome, from The LEGO Movie. It’s great to watch Leo get in an adult-size Emmet costume and rock out. You can tell he’s into watching these movies with his family.
  • The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme Song. It’s not for the youngest audience, but the Fresh Prince was one of the great shows from my childhood.