Kiss Me, I’m Green-ish: Pop Culture Merch for St. Patrick’s Day

In case you haven’t noticed from the Google doodle or sea of green around you, today is St. Patrick’s Day. If you want to avoid getting pinched for not wearing green and rep your favorite fandom at the same time, check out our list of fun green shirts and other pop culture merchandise for men, women, and children.

Harry Potter Slytherin Crest T-Shirt

Harry Potter Slytherin Shirt
Harry Potter Slytherin Shirt

If you have a little bit of a dark side, show off your favorite Hogwarts house with this bright green shirt. Even if it wasn’t green, people would be too nervous to pinch a Slytherin!

Frankenstein Socks

Frankenstein socks
Frankenstein socks

If you’re a horror movie buff, these green socks are the perfect undercover St. Patrick’s day swag. They’re knee-high, so there’s more than enough green to go around — and then some!

Green Yoda Star Wars T-Shirt

Green Yoda Star Wars T-Shirt
Green Yoda Star Wars T-Shirt

Do or do not dress up for St. Patrick’s Day, there is no try. If you do want to dress up, this shirt will do the trick. It’s green, and will get you high fives from fellow Star Wars fans (or oblivious people who just really like motivational slogans).

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Green Shell Backpack

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Backpack

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the kids! If your kids weren’t excited about St. Patrick’s Day yet, this sweet Ninja Turtles backpack should get the party started. It looks like a turtle shell (um, awesome!), but it won’t slow you down with all your March 17th festivities.

Star Wars Kiss Me I’m Solo Shirt

Han Solo St. Patrick's Day Shirt
Han Solo St. Patrick’s Day Shirt via ThinkGeek

It doesn’t get more on-point than this when it comes to pop culture St. Patrick’s Day merch. Whether or not you want to kiss Han Solo, you’ll be the star (wars) wherever you go. We might even say, your friends will be green with envy…

Shrek Kit

Shrek Kit
Shrek Kit via Target

This amazing and hilarious Shrek kit (with ears and nose) can be used by kids or adults. Make people laugh (with you, not at you!) by sporting these at your St. Patrick’s Day shindig. Hey, they’re green, right?

The Legend of Zelda Green Pajama Pants

Zelda Pajamas
Zelda Pajamas via Hot Topic

When you’re tired out from all the green beer, throw these PJs on and climb into your cozy bed (even if your sheets aren’t green, hopefully they’re clean). Have sweet dreams of Zelda and Link after another successful St. Patrick’s Day.

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Best Black Panther Movie Merch

Looking for Black Panther toys, clothing, and other fun merch?  You’ve come to the right place. We reviewed some of the coolest Black Panther movie merch/products and picked out a handful of our favorites to share with you. Long live the king!

Black Panther Poster T-Shirt:

Black Panther T-shirt (from Hot Topic) - Official Black Panther Movie Merch
Black Panther T-shirt (from Hot Topic)

It doesn’t get much cooler than this shirt,  which features the official Black Panther poster art on a sleek, all-black tee from Hot Topic. It manages to fit ten different characters in an on-point graphic that’s just begging to be shown off.

Wakanda Forever T-Shirt:

Wakanda Forever T-Shirt (from Hot Topic) - Official Black Panther Movie Merch
Wakanda Forever T-Shirt (from Hot Topic)

Wakanda for what? Forever! Up next is another awesome Black Panther shirt from Hot Topic, with bold gold print on all black. Wakanda is considered to be the most technologically advanced country on the planet — so if you’re planning a visit, make sure you’re up to date with this tee.

Erik Killmonger Funko POP!:

Erik Killmonger Funko POP - Official Black Panther Movie Merch
Erik Killmonger Funko POP!

Move over, T’challa… this Killmonger Funko POP is ready for battle — or at least for a place on your shelf or desk. There’s never a dull moment when Erik Killmonger is around.

Black Panther Handbag:

Black Panther Handbag/Purse
Black Panther Handbag/Purse

It can be hard to find a purse with an attitude, but this bag should do the trick! It’s simple yet bold, and any Black Panther fan worth their salt will know what you’re representing. To everyone else, you’ll just look cool. You can feel like you’re carrying around a panther fur bag — without angry calls from PETA!

Black Panther High Top Sneakers:

Black Panther High Top Sneakers
Black Panther High Top Sneakers

These boots were made for walkin’ – actually, these shoes were made for running around Wakanda like you’re T’Challa (or at least like you’re a Black Panther stan). Your feet will be the talk of the town (or maybe even nation) with these bad boys on.


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